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"Greeted as a Friend & Treated Like Family"


    Welcome to our website....  As our slogan says, "Greeted as a Friend & Treated Like Family".  This is our goal with every person that enters our office.  Everyone will be treated the same way and be given the same standard of care.  Your treatment will be exactly the same as we would give to our friends and family members.  You can be confident you are getting the very best care every time you come to our office.


On this site you will find lots of information on who we are, the services we offer, the insurance networks for which we are preferred providers, how to contact us, where we are located, and some basic paperwork that will save you time.


We hope that the information on this site answers many of your questions and helps you to select Active Life & Health Center for all your Chiropractic, Massage, Acupuncture needs.


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Testimonials- (last names deleted)


"When I moved to Atlanta I needed some regular Chiropractic services as I traveled so much.  Dr. Judd is probably the best Chiropractor I have come across.  He has great knowledge of his craft as well as being very enthusiastic.  He really does treat each patient like family, caring for their overall well being and not just their chiropractic needs.  I would recommend Dr. Judd to anyone who is even remotely thinking of going to a chiropractor!  He is the Best!"   (Hari S.) 



"Dr. Judd is the most knowledgeable and effective chiropractor I have ever seen.  His thorough examination and healthful instincts have been spot on, especially when I have had pain that I just want to go away!  I particularly find Dr. Judd's medical knowledge of kinesiology and musculature of the body helpful.  He usually provides at home therapies that are easy to do and not costly either!  Great chiropractor that you will be glad you see for care when you need it!"  (Robin K.)



"Dr Judd is a wonderful Chiropractor who has a great bedside manner, as well as a gentle touch.  I have always been a little on edge about Chiropractics, and Dr. Judd was always very patient and wonderful about making me feel safe.  Dr Judd also cares about you overall health and is happy to teach you how to lead a more well rounded, healthy life."  (Lauren W.)



"I came to see Dr. Judd and Joi several weeks before getting my back surgery (Spinal Fusion), looking for relief while waiting on this procedure.  After three weeks of treatment I was having an amazing recovery, therefore I canceled the surgery.  I can bend, drive, I stopped all pain medication and the best of all I am grateful.  Thank you Dr Judd! Thank you Joi!  God has been so good through you!!!!"  (Diana C.)



"For almost three years I traveled for my job.  Every week I was on a plane, sleeping in a hotel, and generally under a great deal of stress.  Dr Judd was able to increase my happiness both at home and on the road by allowing me not to be distracted by the pain and stress I picked up on the road.  He's now helping my wife though her pregnancy by relieving tension, pressure, and general discomfort."   (Jack M.)



"Dr. Judd Weinberg treated me for an elbow injury from a fall.  I was unable to straighten my arm all the way and had significant pain.  Within a hand full of visits, Dr. Weinberg eliminated the pain and loss of mobility.  I would highly recommend him!" (Elida B.)



"Dr. Judd is a wonderful chiropractor, and I would recommend him to anyone looking for chiropractic care.  I found him through my insurance company at the time and have been his patient for 2 years.  My neck and lower back pain has lessened considerably under his care.  He addresses all my concerns and is professional at all times.  I never feel rushed through his appointments and have been 'squeezed in' at the last minute on a few occasions due to my crazy schedule.  Whether it is a quick adjustment or a long-term chiropractic plan that is needed, Dr. Judd is the doctor to see." (Lindsay M.)



"My husband and I both are patients of Judd and are EXTREMELY happy. We have been helped with everything from Spine Correction, Migraines, Locked Jaw, Allergies, Exercise Stretching and more, At one point I was having trouble with my neck after a bad accident and asked Judd to adjust it. He explained that I should have an x-ray due to the nature of my accident.  So he took the x-rays and then sent me to straight to the hospital with the x-ray. The doctor in the ER told me I was fortunate to have such a knowledgeable Chiropractor because I had a small fracture from the accident that could have been much worse if he had not been so thorough and x-rayed me first! Judd is a walking living library, and he has spend hours doing extra research for all sorts of questions my husband and I have had. We really appreciate Judd and his staff." (Jennifer and Michael P.)



"I was a patient of Dr. Judd Weinberg for nearly a year.  Dr Weinberg is an excellent chiropractor!  The basis for my remarks center around his approach to patient care, education, and professional integrity.  As a first time patient for chiropractic services, I was impressed with the educational video that I watched while waiting for my initial meeting with Dr. Weinberg.  The video served as the foundation of understanding the science and care associated with chiropractic services which removed my fears.  That level of sensitivity and awareness of patient care, set the stage for my meeting with him, and I knew that my medical care was in good hands!  Dr. Weinberg always explains techniques, methods, and the desired outcomes of the services.  Dr. Weinberg is intelligent and can discuss a variety of issues-- yet is very professional in sharing his opinions.  Dr. Weinberg promotes patient care and is an positive asset to the medical community." (Diane H.)